What to expect in a Rolfing Session


Based on our initial consultation we focus on specific and referred pains that we have identified. A basic 10 session series will help zero in on each area and improve them individually as we go. Before each session there is a structural assessment, standing or walking, to evaluate the body’s segments and patterns. Changes often occur between sessions as your body systems adapt physically and neurologically to new possibilites provided by the work. The ultimate goal is to acheive alignment and freedom of movement in agreement with gravity.

We start generally on a massage table as we begin to release the layers of the body that are causing restrictions. Randomly we have you stand and walk to see how the body is accepting the changes. It is important to hear your awareness of changes in your movements and balance.

Each session lasts 60-75 minutes and most effectively scheduled every one or two weeks. The 10 session series is geared to sustain structural changes in your body. Each session is focused on a different part of your body. So it is important to schedule consistent sessions.

Clothing to wear:

Sessions are usually done in gym shorts or activewear. For most women,  a tank top is workable. Depending on your comfort-level it can be done through clothing.



10 seriesa full structural integration treatment   
60-75 min per session
scheduled every 1-2 weeks
$160 per session


Rolfing maintenance – continuing integration therapy*
prior 10 series required
60-75 minute sessions
scheduled as necessary
$160 per session
*please note that a period of at least 2 months must have passed since the completion of a full 10 series before starting any maintenance routine. This allows the body time to fully integrate changes before further treatment.


Massage therapy – deep tissue and therapeutic
prior 10 series not required
scheduled as necessary
$100 per hour