About Amanda

Amanda has always had a strong desire to help people. Fascinated by biological sciences and the inner workings of the body she started a new journey. In 2009, Amanda began a path toward being a healer by becoming a LMT (licenced massage therapist) through the Wellness Massage Training Institute in Woodridge. This program is a more compassioniate program than most other schools. With new body awareness, she chose to confront her own previous injuries that were causing permanent pain and discomfort. She followed her own 10 series (a formal treatment plan in Rolfing) while still at the Wellness Massage Training Institute. She experienced first hand the results that could be achieved with a program like the 10 series and the bodies amazing ability to heal itself under the right conditions..

Amanda learned about her body’s ability to heal, and the importance of structural integration. As an LMT, discovering that massage is a relaxing, temporary remedy, but Rolfing is more effective means to treat the whole body with lasting results. Her own therapist and mentor, Fran Stabosz, has almost 20 years of experience in the field, and suggested that I look into certification for myself. With her support and guidance, in 2013, she began her journey at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and discovered her calling. She now shares her expertise and skill in helping others.

Amanda learned how to get RESULTS for herself and she can help YOU TOO. Let her be your guide through this journey.

You can get to know Amanda more by requesting an initial consultation or by contacting her directly by phone.